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Here's an odd engine. Most of the engines in the yard are either CSX or Union Pacific. Seeing this RLCX engine was a rare treat. This #8520 engine is a B38-8E model. RLCX, just like HLCX (below) leases out engines to whoever might need them. More pics of this engine can be found here.
These intermodal containers roll through there all day and all night. MTH makes a version of the intermodal container seen here. I'd like to get it eventually.
Another intermodal container.
And still another intermodal container. I just bought an O-scale version of the Evergreen container seen here! I'm also trying to get a TTX flat car like the one that the container is sitting on in this photo.
This HLCX engines was lahsed up to 3 Union Pacific engines, followed by a BNSF engine. I'm not sure which engines were being used and when, but anytime you've got 5 engines all together, you've got some serious pulling power! I had never seen an HLCX engine in the yard, and I didn't know what HLCX was. I called a local train store, Legacy Station, and they told me that HLCX stands for "Helms Leasing" and that the company basically leases out engines to various railroads around the country. Apparently, most of Helms Leasing's fleet consists of old engines that they have purchased. Therefore, many of their engines will still be painted like the railroad they were taken from. I'm not sure what railroad, if any, this one was taken from. The colors sorta look like B&O, but again I'm not sure.
A closeup shot of the HLCX engine shown above. I found a few more pics of this #9027 HLCX engine here.

Here's a couple nice shots I got of FURX (First Union Rail) #3033, an SD40-2 diesel engine. I've never seen an FURX locomotive, so this was something special.

TFM #2602, a C44AC. TFM is a mexican railroad! A rare treat!
Conrail #7380, a C40-8W
CEFX #3148, an SD40-2
Though the picture is a little blurry, I thought this was so cool. I've seen the Lionel and MTH wheel flat cars for years, but never in real life. Wheel cars are used to transport freight car wheel sets from one location to another. The wheels can be serviced and/or reconditioned and put back into operation. This was certainly a rare treat. There were about 10 of these cars that zoomed by, all full of big freight wheels and axels.



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