On this page you can find information about my layout, The Appalachian & Western Railroad. You can also keep up the progress of the layout by watching my video train blog series and also via Twitter and Facebook.

Videos of the Layout:

Here you can check out the layout update videos. The most recent video is immediately below.

Most Recent Layout Video
2023 Full Layout Tour
Older Layout Videos
  Virtual Layout Tour - 2020  
Layout Progress - November 2018
Layout Progress - September 2018
Layout Progress - December 2016
Layout Update #9 - November 2012
Layout Update #8 - October 2011
Layout Update #7 - May 2011
Layout Update #6 - November 2010
Layout Update #5 - Ovtober 2010
Layout Update #4 - July 2010
Layout Update #3 - February 2010
Piedmont Pilgrimage 2009
Layout Update #2 - October 2009
Layout Update #1 - June 2009
A Ride Around The Layout, 2009
Layout Tour Part 1 - 2008
Layout Tour Part 2 - 2008

Layout Info:

Layout Size: Since my layout is spread out over several rooms, it's easier to measure its size in square feet. That said, the layout will be approximately 500 sq. feet. If you we're to put all the sections together, that would equate to roughly a 25'x20' table.

Layout Style: Prototypical operation, fictional setting.

Layout Theme: A modern themed diesel powered layout. The majority of the layout will be set in the southeast United States. The bottom left back room will be the "Colorado" room and will have a more western look and feel. My description of the theme will get more detailed as the layout comes together.

Track: Atlas O 3-Rail track. Switches are a combination of Atlas and Ross.

Command systems: MTH DCS and Lionel TMCC.

Power: At present, 4 180-watt Lionel Powerhouse bricks.

Minimum radius curve: O-63 (Only in the yard)

Most commonly used curve: O-72

Maximum radius curve: O-90

Height: Main level is 47 inches off the floor. 2nd level is 58 inches off the floor.

Layout Track Plan

Here's a computer trackplan for the layout. This trackplan has been slightly altered in certain places as I've started to lay track, but you can get a general idea of the plan. Click on the photo below to view the full size image.

Dark Green Lines = Table outline

Bark Blue Lines = Walls/Doors

Red/Gray Track = Main level track

Blue Track = Upper level track

Yellow Track = On30 Junk Yard line



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