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I was just starting to get into K-Line stuff when they went bankrupt in 2005. The company was bought by Sanda Kan, who in turn licensed the K-Line name to Lionel. K-Line, in my opinion, made great stuff that was similar in quality to Lionel. In general, their stuff was very sturdy with decent detailing. Lionel has continued some of their products, which is nice. I hope that Lioenl continues to make quality stuff under the K-Line name. Now that the original company is gone, I feel a slight need to acquire more K-Line stuff simply from a collecting standpoint. I'm sure I'll add a few more pieces to my K-Line arsenal before its all over with.

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K-Line Engines (2 items)

2-11557 K-Line Collectors Club CSX SD70MAC Diesel Engine w/Proto-Sound 2.0

When you see one of these, you buy it right then and there and worry about whether or not you can afford it later. This is the last diesel engine that K-Line ever offered, and it's got a really cool story. K-line offered this engine to its KCC members for $100 (conventional) and $150 (TMCC). Many members pre-ordered and paid for this item. Not long after, however, K-Line went out of business and its remains were bought up by Lionel. Although under no obligation to manufacture and deliver the engines to the people who had paid for them, Lionel decided to act on good will and completed the engines. It is my understanding the Lionel actually lost money making these engines, but I would think that the points they scored with customers was well worth it. This engine is amazingly detailed. And yes, those are real rubber hoses on the front of the unit. I couldn't find a TMCC equipped model, but I was able to snag this conventional model. I have since done an MTH Proto-Sound 2.0 conversion on this engine, so I can now run in on my digital layout.

K2630-10 New York Central Plymouth Switcher

This was my first K-Line purchase. I was only $99. Solid die-cast construction and quite a hefty little engine too! I'm think that I might use this little guy, or one similar to it, in the boneyard/junkyard that I'm planning on building eventually. It seems like a perfect little engine for a junkyard to use for hauling stuff around the yard. It's not something you would see in modern yards, but would be more plausible in a junkyard. I'll probably weather it a bit to make it look old and well used.


K-Line Rolling Stock (10 items, sorted by item number)

6-22294 K-line by Lionel Montana Rail Link 3-bay Modern Hopper #50049

Very nice scale hopper from K-Line by Lionel. I only wish they had done a 3-pack. Made in 2008, added to my set in May of 2009.

6-22562 Operation Lifesaver Box Car

This was a gift from a youtube fan. Love it! Made in 2009, added to my collection in October of 2013.

6-36839 K-line by Lionel NYC Operating Milk Cart w/Unloading Platform

I won this in a raffle at the Christmas party for my local O-Gauge club, The North Atlanta O-Gauge Railroad Club. It's quite nice and fun to use. Made in 2007, added to my set in December of 2008.

K6244-1491 K-Line Rio Grande Aluminum 4-bay Modern Hopper #15525

I'd seen this sitting on the shelf of the local HobbyTown USA for a long time, so I finally decided to grab it. It's a ver nice car and the fact that it's all metal gives it a nice weight. Built in 2000, added to my set in November of 2008.

K6333-2112A K-Line Union Pacific Aluminum Tank Car 3-pack

This was a custom run done for The Train Loft in Winston-Salem, NC. They are, as the title states, aluminum cars which makes them nice and heavy. Beautifully done. It's a shame K-Line went under. Built in 2001, added to my set in July 2007.

K676-1831 K-Line Norfolk Southern Coil Car

Got this nice coil car off of ebay. Nice detailing under the car. Added to my set in May 2007.

K761-1371 K-Line Milwaukee Road Box Car

This was my first K-Line rolling stock purchase. I got it on ebay for $15. It looks to be an identical car to the MTH Milwaukee Road Reefer car show above. I'm impressed with the weight of the car and with the attention to detail. I'll definitely be adding more K-line stock in the future.

K761-1374 K-Line Milwaukee Road Box Car

Identical to the car above, but with a different road number. Anytime I can get different car numbers of the same car, I will usually snatch them if my budget permits. Just like it's brother above, I got this one on ebay for around $20.

K761-2114 K-Line Union Pacific Classic Express Boxcar

When I found out that K-Line had gone belly up, I figured I'd grab a few of their cars while they are around. Naturally, I got Union Pacific.

K765-2111 K-Line Union Pacific Classic Boxcar

It's really too bad K-Line is out of business, as I was really starting to take a liking to their products. I think Lionel may be getting their K-Line's toolings, so hopefully some of their stuff will live again. From what I've read, a lot of K-Line's toolings were acquired from other extinct train makers like Marx and the like. Personally, I think that snatching up the toolings of companies that went under is bad Karma.

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