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FURX Engines (3 items)

Atlas 1515-1 FURX SD40 Diesel Locomotive #3022 w/TMCC

I ordered this from the Atlas Summer 2007 catalog. This was my first Atlas engine. I've always seen FURX engines around Atlanta but could never find an O-scale version, so I was overjoyed when I saw that Atlas was going to make these. Just like their rolling stock, this Atlas engine blew me away as far as attention to detail goes. This is by far the most detailed diesel engine I own. Even the packaging is amazing. Inside the box, the engine was attached to a plastic display shelf for extra protection. Now if only it used DCS instead of TMCC. Well, I can dream. You can check out a video of this engine in action right here. Made in 2007 and added to my collection in February 2008.

Atlas 1515-2 FURX SD40 Diesel Locomotive #3036 w/TMCC

Just like the engine above, but with a different road number. Atlas usually makes 2 powered numbers and 1 unpowered number of each engine and I just had to get all 3 of these FURX units. Make in 2007, added to my set in November 2007.

Atlas 1565-1 FURX SD40 Diesel Locomotive #3032 (non-powered)

Just like above, except non-powered and with a different cab number. Even in the unpowered engine category, Atlas blows away the competition. Not only does this unpowered unit have lighting, but it has 4 switches on the bottom that let you turn on/off the front headlight, front marker lights, rear headlight and rear marker lights to suit your needs. Thank you, Atlas!



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