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NYC Engines (9 items)

MTH 20-3376-1 MTH 20-3376-1 New York Central 4-8-2 L-4b Mohawk Steam Engine w/Proto-Sound 2.0

My first real steam engine! Ordered from MTH's 2009 Vol. 1 catalog. This engine looks and sounds awesome! Great detailing as well. Made in 2009, added to my set in December of 2009. Click Here to see this engine in action.

MTH 20-3526-1 New York Central 20th Century Limited Streamlined Passenger Set

A beautiful set consisting of the Dreyfuss Hudson plus 4 NYC passenger cars. Made in 2014, added to my collection in May of 2015.

MTH 20-3593-1 NYC Empire State Express Passenger Set

19th century trains are so cool. I hope to get more in the future...if they get made. This set includes 4 19th century style passenger cars. It was made in 2015 and added to collection in April of 2017

Lionel 6-11209 Vision Line 700E NYC Hudson

Lionel's Vision Line version of the legendary 700E Hudson from 1937. Apparently they used some of the original tooling! They did an amazing job recapturing the look and feel of the original 700E and yet packing it full of 21st century technology and features. Made in 2011, added to my set in July 2011.

Lionel 6-29364 New York Central Water Level Freight Set

This set is awesome. It comes with a really nice Mohawk steam engine, 3 freight cars and a caboose. Awesome. Made in 2013, added to my collection in January of 2014.

Lionel 6-38568 New York Central RF-16 Sharknose Diesel A-A Set

I got this because I like the old NYC lightning stripe paint scheme. Great sounds and features. Made in 2013, added to my collection in November of 2013.


This is a stunning set, made all the more better by the fantastic new 21" passenger cars. A+. I purchased 2 additional passenger cars to add to this set, making a total of 6 cars. Made in 2015, added to my collection in December of 2015.

Lionel 6-84508 New York Central S2 Electric #113

This engine marked the return of the swinging bell, last seen in the Vision Line 700e around 2009. A welcomed sight for sure! Made in 2017, added to my collection in December of the same year.

K-Line K2630-10 New York Central Plymouth Switcher

This was my first K-Line purchase. I was only $99. Solid die-cast construction and quite a hefty little engine too! I'm think that I might use this little guy, or one similar to it, in the boneyard/junkyard that I'm planning on building eventually. It seems like a perfect little engine for a junkyard to use for hauling stuff around the yard. It's not something you would see in modern yards, but would be more plausible in a junkyard. I'll probably weather it a bit to make it look old and well used.


NYC Rolling Stock (2 items, sorted by item number)

MTH 20-93524 New York Central 40' AAR Box Car (MTHRRC 2011)

MTH's 2011 premier line club car. Really neat looking. Made in 2011, added to my set in May of the same year.

K-Line 6-36839 K-line by Lionel NYC Operating Milk Cart w/Unloading Platform

I won this in a raffle at the Christmas party for my local O-Gauge club, The North Atlanta O-Gauge Railroad Club. It's quite nice and fun to use. Made in 2007, added to my set in December of 2008.


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