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Here's the entrance to the CSX Intermodal yard, a few blocks away from my place. On a side note, that stone wall that you see in the background is the back edge of Atlanta's Historic Oakland Cemetary. If you like old cemetaries, this one is definately one to visit.
A CSX engine sitting by itself, but not for long. It stayed still just long enough for me to snap this shot and then started moving again. This engine, #8419, is an SD40-2 model. I found another pic of this same engine here.
A string of engines preparing to leave the yard. The #8617 engine seen in the fron here is an SD-50 model. I found another pic of this same engine here.
Another shot of the SD-50 shown above. The train hooked up to these 3 engines was very, very long.

1/1/2006 - This lashup with CSX #779 and CSX #300 came through the CSX yard after we got back from breakfast. CSX #779 is an EMD SD70MAC and CSX #300 is a GE AC4400CW. About 10 feet from where we park our car there is a switch. The engineer was out of the cab and in the process of throwing the switch when we walked up. He said hey to our little 4 year old, which of course was totally exciting for him. The track that the engines were on is the closest to the security fence that seperates our parking lot from the yard. Basically, this means that if you are at the fence, the engine is about 8 feet away! It's only when we're lucky enough to catch one these engines on the close track that you realize just how immensely huge they really are! These pictures were taken a few minutes later, when they had rolled a little further down the yard.

1/1/2006 - A few hours after the above lash-up came through, this one with CSX #42 and CSX #4731 rolled in. It stayed still long enough for me to run upstairs and grab my camera. CSX #42 is a GA AC4400CW and CSX #4731 is an EMD SD70AC. I found a really nice picture of #4731 on another site right here (It's either brand new or just got a washing). I also found another picture of #42 here.

Here are some really great shots I got of a 4 engine CSX/UP lash-up...

1st pic - Complete shot of the lash-up

2nd pic - CSX #625, a GE AC60CW

3rd pic - A railroad worker escorts the lash-up to its waiting freight load.

4th pic - CSX #629, a GE AC60CW

In the distance, a set of unidentified CSX engines stop to gas up!
CSX #5293, a GE ES44DC. This engine and the one below are the newer Evolution Series ES44DC from GE. The evolution series is basically a Dash-9 that meets with EPA emission standards that went into effect in 2005. The look nice and new!
CSX #5299, a GE ES44DC
CSX #5240, a GE ES44DC
CSX #602 (GE AC60CW) and CSX #501 (GE AC60CW)
5th pic - CSX #239, a GE AC44CW
We caught CSX #8640 on our way out around dusk one night. The train was stopped right in front of our car to throw a switch. The engineer talked to our little 4 year old for a minute and then blew the horn and flashed the ditch lights for him! I shot a little movie of it pulling away after he threw the switch. You can view the movie by clicking here.

Some more CSX images from the yard
CSX #7574
CSX #7886
CSX #5282
CSX #5268
CSX #568

CSX #7612 rolls thrugh the yard on two seperate occasions.
CSX #686
CSX #684
CSX #7587

CSX #7851

CSX #8336

CSX #8351



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